Website Designing Strategies To Boost Your Online Business In 2018!

key elements of good SEO strategies are finding the right tools, reviewing keywords, revising the blog structure, and periodically creating contentIf you have just started trading online or have been around for a while, you will not get good results if your site does not have a convincing design. If your e-Commerce site does not contain good design elements, it is likely that you will not be able to generate enough traffic for your portal. Best E-Commerce solutions for companies that helps growing brands fastly.

Hiring website design company in Pune  is one of the best ways to boost your online business. Alternatively, you can also follow some good strategies to generate more potential traffic to your site. Know the most popular here-

Customized Web-design Representing Business Goals – Your website is one of the best marketing channel. Therefore, you cannot make any compromises with its design. An poor website will fail to reach attract your target audience, and this will result in immediate loss of revenue and leads. Web design is an important part of putting the e-commerce portal in the spotlight. It shortens the struggling period of the business largely. Hence when you want to make online business, website design company in Pune that can effectively meet your web design / development needs.

SEO Strategies – Every company wants to get the highest rank in the search engine. To achieve the desired results, you must work on the content and optimization of your website. A number of business owners feel that they must have a good knowledge of complex programming to get out of the box. But the key elements of good SEO strategies are finding the right tools, reviewing keywords, revising the blog structure, and periodically creating content. looking for SEO companies then always search for best SEO services Company in Pune for better results.

Create leads on social networking platforms – If you have not yet announced your business on one of the social networking sites, you must start as soon as possible. Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In are some websites that help reach the target audience. Using the potential of social media will help create a good online presence for your brand.

Stay with your niche – you generate more business when your offers are specialized and error-free. This is also one of the important factors that you should consider when designing your website.

In short, designing a website can both change and break the image of your brand on the Internet. For this reason, you must make sure you get the best design for your website that can bring a lot of potential customers.

Beautiful design brings better sales. This does not mean adding pipes and bells. It should be effective in every way. Companies like Apple or BMW are not throwing millions of dollars just for the sake of getting odd designs. It’s because it improves sales. Only a professional knows better how to obtain the best design that is both effective and in line with the company’s objectives. Therefore, instead of designing your own e-commerce platform, you should hire an expert.


Best Software Development Company in Pune

Clinchsoft is the Best software development company in Pune that website contains all the information about your business and is a perfect e-source representation of your services. We at ClinchSoft create simple, easily navigated websites and complete user friendly sites. We ensure that your website loads faster and launches at a quick rate. We have expertise in a variety of areas, but it’s a special area where we exceed the best of our ability.

Today’s world is constantly changing and, in order for any company to remain competitive or anticipated, it is important to optimize business processes. This allows us to improve customer service and increase efficiency, which ultimately leads to additional sales and profits. We believe that the best way to achieve this goal is to implement software solutions designed and Designed exclusively for your process. We are convinced that you need to work to succeed, both for understanding business processes and for proven products and know-how.

Clinchsoft is a large online software development company in this field for many years Experience and expertise in custom development of Windows and Web applications with the latest Technologies like VB.Net, C #. Web, ASP.Net. Some of our software development services include:

Development and management of Windows and web-based applications.

  • Integrating applications with BizTalk Server.
  • Management system.
  • Application maintenance contracts.
  • The migration of the application of technology more for new technologies.
  • Content management system.​

Online Software Development CompanyToday, every software product on the website designweb development and implementation of new and improved features are fast. At the same time, it is important to keep development costs low, unsurprising and able to cope with rapidly changing needs. Experts with we have had several years of experience with product development. With their help, we have developed a complete service that allows you to manage your complete software life cycle and better able to cover planning, design, analysis, development, testing, documentation, implementation Operation, operation and ongoing maintenance.

We assure you that we our capabilities in the same way with everyone to ensure, so that you can make the right decisions about product improvement and new product launches on flawless service. Contact us if you have a high-quality software development product. Expand your business, you will not even improve the imagery in your dreams.

Why Adobe Photoshop Is The Best Tool?


Adobe Photoshop is popular nowadays as it helps designers and publishers in their work. He transforms simple images into masterpieces. His request in the creative world is that it is the best photo editing software that gives you features for a fabulous design. Apart from that, Adobe Photoshop is easy to use and has tools to help you edit and improve your photos.

There is no doubt that the knowledge and skills of Adobe Photoshop have helped so many artists make money and be proud of their work. There are several reasons why you should learn Adobe Photoshop. Here are some of them:

1. You can express yourself creatively.

Once you start exploring, you will surely discover more and learn how to use them for your creations. You will soon discover how to improve your designs. And as you design and craft creatively every day, your creative ideas will flow.

2. You can create various creative design projects.

In addition to editing photos, you can also create a greeting card, a business card, a poster and more. By using the various creative tools of this software, you can certainly create a design that not only impresses the customers, but also allows you to bring your ideas and make you feel satisfied.

3. You can restore old photos.

Old family photos can be worn out and before Photoshop comes, these images ended up in garbage cans. But today, you can restore these photos and refresh the memories of the old days. With healing brushes, clone buffers, correction tools and more, you can give the old photos an innovative touch. Everyone would always like to remember the memories and the best way to do it is through restored and renewed photos.

4. You can artistically combine graphics with text.

In graphics, images and text always strive to unite for great performance. In Photoshop, you do not just combine them, but you can even find better ways to make it more artistic and appealing. Strokes, shadows, bevels, embossing, and other effects can add beauty to your text. Images can also be more beautiful, even when brightness, contrast, exposure and others are adjusted.

5. You can make art with brushes.

There are many Photoshop brushes available. This gives your photo or layout that you have in your hand a special effect. Brushes can add a big touch to your design if you choose the right one and apply it to your design.

6. You can change the color of an image.

Is not it cool that your color images become monochrome images in one click? You can easily do it in Photoshop. You can even edit certain parts and change the color or even add effects using the gradient and other tools. Some change the whole picture to sepia or other colors.

7. You can correct errors in a photo.

Even if your photo does not look very good or contains specific bugs, you can adjust and correct it in Photoshop. This can hide poor lighting, markings on the image, dark photos, red eyes and others. You can also crop the image if parts have been accidentally included in the clip. You can use a brush to modify the marks and even match the colors with the existing image.

8. You can do T-shirt designs.

If you have problems with designing a T-shirt, Photoshop may be the solution to give you a really attractive edition. They will look better when printed on t-shirts with the added effects of this software. This will give you even more customers.

9. You can transform images artistically.

In Photoshop, images can be converted to a charcoal drawing, a watercolor and many others. You can even choose it to look like a photocopied work, a stained glass, and others using the filter tool.

10. You can have a personal fulfillment.

The editions of Photoshop are absolutely worthy and give preference to your creations. You will gain more confidence. The knowledge and skills you possess will allow you to move up to the next level with the software. It’s a treasure you’ll always have. It is a tool that will help you succeed in graphic design and give you absolute satisfaction.

With this software, you not only create professional designs, you can also increase your income. If you have not tried Adobe Photoshop, it’s time for you to learn something. There are so many Photoshop tutorials that you can find on the Internet. You can use this article to learn the basics of starting in Photoshop.

Why Is Google Free While Food Is Not?


Google is not free. Every time you search, you are paying for that. You are giving them your most valuable stuff. You are exchanging something.

For example, if I search “Best Laptops under 35k”. Google notes that you are looking for a Laptop. Google goes to 10 laptop companies and asks “I have a customer. Who will give me more commission?” If company X gets ready to give more commission, Google shows their mobiles on the top of the search results.

It was just an example. Google trades your search patterns, information, keywords and almost everything.

What Google shows you, you think that’s right.

Google controls you.

Food can be free only if you can grow or make it yourself. But you have to pay because someone is growing or making it for you.

Check out the Importance of Search Engine Optimization For Business



Search engine optimization or the SEO is a method to create website content so that it becomes convenient for the search engines to rank your website. If you have a properly optimized website, it will automatic ranked above the others. This will attract more customers to your online business, and hence, in turn, increase your sales.

None of the experts could tell what the exact rank determining the strategy of SEO is. However, things like links from different websites, code, content etc could change the traffic generated for your website. 

Advantages of the SEO services

SEO Companies offers you a wonderful strategy to increase the efficiency and productivity of online businesses. SEO targets a specific audience group be it adults, teenagers, females, males, elderly citizens etc. This helps in improving the social visibility of your website. Professional SEO Company offers you unique form of advertising for your website.

How does it work?

If you have launched your new website, it could never rank first within one or two days. You need to be patient and give enough time to your website to spread online. If your website contains useful content, its ranking will increase. Hence, before introducing your own website, you must ask an affordable SEO service provider for an efficient plan.

Tips to help you out

Here are some tips that you must follow. Before using the keywords for your website, make sure that you research well. Several online keyword research tools introduced to assist business owners, webmasters, and the internet marketers. You need to choose only those keywords, which are relevant to your site content, and products and services that you offer. What more you could do is search for the relevant phrases to check which sites are competing for the same phrase.

What Are Ways To Find New Users (Who have never visited before) For Your Website?

Too many pages make life difficult for your visitors

Your website should focus on the most important tasks of your users.

Unfortunately, many sites do not do it. They have everything they have done and more on their website.

Result: a website with many pages that nobody cares.

Is it really so bad? I mean, a user can ignore pages that do not interest him, right?

Theoretically, yes. However, in practice, these additional pages provide a more complex navigation structure, more links, and more choices. Which makes it difficult for people to find what they are looking for.

If your site focuses on the things people really use, there will be fewer pages and people will find what they need much faster. Because there is no mess to distract them.

Less is more. More conversion More satisfied visitors. More return on investment.
Use Google Analytics to find rarely visited pages

I use Google Analytics as an example because it is the most used tool. Of course, you can also use other analysis tools.

1. Define a sufficiently long period

For a first analysis, I usually need 6 months.

In this way, I minimize the risk that the results of my results will be set aside by people accusing the holidays, the weather or other things of the lack of visitors on “their” sites.
Heck, if your website is subject to strong seasonal variations, do it for 12 months.


Define a period that’s suitably long


2. Navigate to the “All Pages” report

  • When you click Behaviour> Site Content, the All Pages report is displayed. Here you can see the unique pages that you visited during the period you chose.
  • At the bottom of the table, you can see the total number of unique pages visited.
  • Check this number based on the total number of pages on your site. If the second number is much larger than the first, I have bad news for you: they have many pages that no one visits.


Go to the ‘All pages’ report and click on the ‘advanced’ link that’s behind the search box


3. Click on the “Advanced” link at the top of the search box

Do not worry. There is nothing advanced about what we are going to do.

4. Select “Unique PageViews” from the drop-down menu

I always choose “unique page views” because the “page views” are somewhat artificial. If a person visits the same site five times during a visit, Google Analytics considers them to be five page views, but only as a single page.


Select ‘Unique pageviews’ in the dropdown


5. Enter a number

For an initial analysis, I would normally like to have an overview of all pages with less than 50 pages viewed over a six-month period. I think it’s pretty generous … of course, you can change that number to 100 or more.


Select ‘Unique page views’ in the drop down


6. Click on “Apply”

Almost there. On the screen you see, you can already see how many pages have been viewed less than 50 times.

7. Sort of “Unique PageViews”.

This sorts the results by the number of unique page views. The default value is the total number of pages viewed. It’s not ideal for our report.


This is data you can work with


8. Save the report

Click Link at the top of the page to save this report for later analysis. Name this report for easy access from the Links menu.


What do you know now?

You know which pages have been visited less than x times in the period you have chosen. I hope this issue did not shock you.

We recently had to tell a customer that more than 80% of their web pages have been visited less than 50 times in the last 6 months. Not the best news, but they did it really well. They decided to spend the next 12 months managing existing content instead of creating new pages.

Is this a reason enough to get rid of a page?

Not always, but there is a good clue.

Apart from cold and hard numbers, there are other things to keep in mind:

  • Conversion rate

If the conversion rate is (a lot) higher than the average, you have to wonder why this page is not visited more often. Is there a way to get more people to visit this page?

  • Because you have to

Sometimes, but only sometimes, it’s a valid reason. Not because your boss tells you, but because it’s a page you need for legal reasons.

  • the search for the user

Interviewing clients, analyzing your search function and other user research methods can help you understand what your visitors are doing a top job.

We always recommend combining the log file scan with one of these methods: Log files can only tell you what users are doing on your website, not what they want or do not want to find.

If one of your visitors’ main tasks is one of the least visited pages on your site, you know there is a lot to do.

What do you do with rarely visited pages?

  • Delete The Pages

For most pages at the bottom of the list: just click the Delete button. This article you wrote two years ago will not be missed. Goodbye and good riddance.

  • cluster information

Many pages use 10 pages where they should only have one page. Get together and have the courage to get rid of things nobody cares about. Cut the fat. Stay with the essentials.

  • reactivate

Reactivate interest for pages that have a high conversion rate or are one of the main tasks of your visitors. Some options: Put a link on the home page, give it a more important place in your navigation, rewrite the page, create more links to the page, etc.

  • Let them rot in the darkest holes of your site

This only applies to pages that you must keep for legal reasons. Make sure to bury them deep where they will probably not disturb people.

Working with the best SEO company, help you to optimize your website & to get more traffic.

Top 10 Social Bookmarking Site for 2018

yearbook committee sign-upstheater club auditionsbasketball season schedule.jpg

Hello everyone, Today I’m going to share with you everything about a strategy that allows you to market your website, services, articles and more with zero investment and maximum profit. The strategy is “Social Bookmark”. But first, you need to understand what social bookmarking is and how it can affect your work.

What is social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is the number of websites where you can sign up or share your website, articles, images and videos. People on these social bookmarking sites can easily see and search for the services you offer. So, if you share (or tag) your website with a social networking site, this process is called social bookmarking.

It’s a known fact that people stay so active on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, but unlike these, there are so many sites that you do not know, but these sites have a huge no. of users.

Benefits of social bookmarking

  • If you are registered on the social bookmarking website, you can get high quality on your website. If your website is new and you want to turn your marketing into high-quality traffic, this social bookmarking is one of the best ways to do it.
  • Even search engines like Google often post the results of bookmark sites, and if your site is bookmarked, chances are your site will show up in search results.
  • So there are many benefits to registering your site on social bookmarking sites. Now, I will provide you with the top 10 social bookmarking sites that can provide you with organic traffic on your bookmarked page.

Top 10 American social bookmarking sites for 2018:



  • Domain Authority Score: 98
  • Page Authority: 95
  • Listing: Free

Digg is one of the top social bookmarking sites on which you can easily bookmark your webpage. It is known to provide most relevant as well as compelling content to millions of the users. So if you are bookmarking your webpage on this site then here you can get the opportunity to drive millions of users on your site. To bookmark your page, all you have to do is register and choose the right option to mark your page.



  • Domain Authority: 97
  • Page Authority: 95
  • Listing: Free

StumbleUpon is one of the most popular social bookmarking communities owned by eBay and used by thousands of people around the world. StumbleUpon allows you to bookmark your website, articles, videos, photos and more. Adding favorites to your website will give you more traffic to your website.

Creating a bookmark on StumbleUpon is quite simple because you only need to log in and travel with your Gmail or Facebook ID.

3. Delicious


  • Domain Authority: 96
  • Page Authority: 95
  • Listing: Free

With Delicious, you can simply enter the website, article, etc. to get the maximum traffic that appears on the bookmarking page. The website is an open platform to bookmark your website and maximize traffic.



  • Domain Authority: 75
  • Page Authority: 78
  • Listing: Free

Folkd is a social site that consists of popular links, social bookmarks, and social research. With folks, you can easily reach the high-quality people you need on your website. Not only that, you can also search for popular links, videos and more.



  • Domain Authority: 98
  • Page Authority: 95
  • Listing: Free

Reddit is a community where you can create a community for almost any subject and share content such as stories, links, and images. Reddit is one of the best social sites where you can market your website. In Reddit, you can learn more about the latest links, photos, and videos.



  • Domain Authority: 63
  • Page Authority: 69
  • Listing: Free

Bizsugar is a great place to deliver content when blogging for small businesses, marketing, startups, and more. Sharing content on Bizsugar gives you the reputation of being a thought leader and providing your content with high visibility to the public.


  • Domain Authority: 94
  • Page Authority: 95
  • Listing: Free

Slashdot provides a platform that offers a great hike to the media you share, d. H. Links, articles, videos and more. As the site consists of a large number of high-quality audience. All you have to do is register and share your website or what you want, then see the change.


  • Domain Authority: 85
  • Page Authority: 88
  • Listing: Free

Most of you will be aware of the website because it helps to strengthen the online presence by posting the right content. Share, publish and share easily on social networks. Most people who want their website to be socially active also integrate it into their website.



  • Domain Authority: 75
  • Page Authority: 79
  • Listing: Free

Fark is the social networking news site. Every day, Fark receives thousands of submissions and only a few of them are published for its high-quality audience. This is one of the best platforms for presenting your service through content or websites. So get ready to give your website a new picture and heights with Fark.

10. Newsvine


  • Domain Authority: 89
  • Page Authority: 90
  • Listing: Free

Newsvine Inc. was founded in 2006 with the goal of providing the best for its members. Here in Newsvine, you simply need to register for free and become one of the members of the community to post an article and share other interesting links.

So, if you market your brand or your services, do not ignore the “social” part and social bookmarking. Use these pages and you will see potential growth on your website. Start creating social bookmarks on the sites listed above, and if you do not believe there will be any changes, then mark my words and date on your printable calendar that you use in your daily life to organize your work and see the change after a few days.

What Services Should a Digital Marketing Agency Offer?


Starting from basics first what is digital marketing?

“It is the use of new media to market a brand/ product/ organization and so on. Though there a lot of activities that can be done, but digital marketing these days relies on the Internet”

complete list of complete digital marketing services includes following points:

1. Search Engine Optimization Services

  • Industry Leading SEO Services
  • Dedicated Digital Managers
  • Results Driven Customized Strategy
  • Complete Transparency And Detailed Reporting

2. Search Engine Marketing

  • ROI Focused Strategies
  • Ad-words Certified Partner
  • Leveraging Search & Ad Networks
  • Landing Page & Ad Design

3. Web Design

  • SEO Focused Design
  • Professional Custom Design
  • Optimized For Conversions
  • Latest Developmental Technologies

4. Social Media Marketing

  • Build Your Follower Base
  • Keep Them Engaged
  • Develop Rich Content
  • Track It All To Results

5. Reputation Management Services

  • ROI Focused Strategies
  • Ad-words Certified Partner
  • Leveraging Search & Ad Networks
  • Landing Page & Ad Design

6. Conversion Optimization

  • Creation & Implementation of Analytics Goals and Ecommerce Tracking
  • Conversion Optimization Analysis
  • Regular AB Split Testing

7. Online PR

  • Build Awareness & Credibility
  • Targeted Media Outreach
  • Brand Positioning
  • Online Press Releases

8. Lead Generation

  • Custom Campaign Strategy
  • Qualified Exclusive Leads
  • Quality/Quantity Focused
  • Indisputable ROI

9. E-mail Marketing

  • List Development
  • Creative Formatting / Content Development
  • Automated Lead Nurturing
  • Campaign Management

10. E-Commerce Solutions

  • Build on Proven Platforms
  • Configured to Your Needs
  • Designed for Conversions
  • Customization & Integration

11. Mobile Websites

12. App Marketing

Get more information about Digital Marketing Services feel free, contact us

How You Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy With Google Analytics

The SEO experts of a top website designing company in Pune on this blog want to help you understand how you can leverage Google analytics ideas to drive your journey to more data-driven content.

If you create all of your site’s content as your customer’s site, it makes sense for the data to guide your decision. Why? How can you structure the content outside of what the consumer wants? If you do not have information about what consumers are looking for and the type of information they want to see, this can lead to a risk of time and money spent developing content that does not meet the needs of consumers. needs of your target audience. This may be reaching you so far, but it’s not going to help catch your audience’s attention for a long time.

Google Analytics is a mine of information for website owners. It’s an effective and valuable tool for content curators and creators to create their content strategy. How will you evaluate the data for your marketing strategy and how to use Google Analytics for your website?

Determine what people would like to see:


Google Analytics


According to the Content Marketing Institute study, only 15% of your site’s traffic is stored in the eye of the majority of the audience. These are the pages of content most likely to rank higher on Google SERP, often shared, referenced by reputable authors, and recommended by the audience. You can use the Google Analytics behavior report to map the content of these topics.

How to find the most popular posts on your site

  • Go to the Behaviors tab> Site Content> All Pages
  • Filter results to see only blog posts
  • Separate visits for single page views

Find the most popular types of content:

organic-traffic.pngIdentifying the most popular content on your site is a great way to motivate your audience by posting similar content, but you know what types of content, categories, or tags are most appealing to people.

Google Analytics offers in its special content grouping option the ability to merge relevant categories based on format, category, and tag, or, depending on a specific campaign, to display aggregated data for the entire group as well as individual URLs.

Discover which publications get the best conversions:


While most of your site’s content is used to educate and educate the public, there is often some content that requires specific actions such as newsletter sign-up. download the pdf, the catalogs, click on the product link, play a video and so on. The inclusion of call-to-action buttons and links in this area can certainly be helpful, but you must first know which of your content posts are being optimally translated. To do this, you need to set specific goals in Google Analytics.

Go to Conversions> Goals and check the performance of each page.

Website Designing and Development Services in Pune

E-commerce Website Designing Services

Best E-Commerce solutions for companies , Small and Medium Businesses. An E-commerce website designing company in Pune with indescribable experience, our competitive developers create a personalized e-commerce website to effectively promote your brand while offering success as well as online sales. Web design departments can strongly believe in fast delivery and cost-effective solutions with consistency and superior quality. E-commerce website design services are our primary services and provide businesses nationwide with a professional website and shopping cart solution. A good user interface is what our e-commerce site designers create for their customers when they buy with you. With many years of experience, they create attractive design elements.


Website Designing Company in Pune

On our website, we offer our clients the opportunity to measure the success of our website and help them where they need improvements to achieve their business goals. Our website designs are clean and professional looking, allowing them to combine with personalized features for their future purpose.

Our ecommerce website design follows many principles that they are:

  • Fast and efficient website
  • User-friendly websites should work on multiple devices, such as cell phones, tablets and more.
  • Create clean, clean designs for your individual websites.

Services in the field of e-commerce website design

Ecommerce website design services offer some of the techniques below:

  • E-commerce Website Development Company
  • E-Commerce Application Development
  • Custom web development on e-commerce
  • Custom open source customization
  • E-commerce point of sale Integration
  • E-Commerce plug-in development
  • E-commerce Integration of the payment gateway
  • Responsive e-commerce website development
  • Support and maintenance of design services
  • Cloud App Development
  • Content Management System
  • Social networks and committees
  • Custom Web Development and Design
  • Design and development of online shopping baskets
  • Custom eCommerce website design
  • E-commerce module development
  • Integrated with payment gateways
  • E-commerce Store Development

Benefits of Web Design Services for E-Commerce

  • Increase customer confidence
  • Accessibility and ease
  • Sell products around the world
  • Fascinate new customers with the visibility of the search engine
  • An exclusive look that matches your brand
  • user-friendly search engine
  • Online marketing and catching up
  • Professional support and services
  • Increase in sales
  • Improved conversion rates
  • Create trust in your brand
  • Show your products effectively
  • Best optimization that increases traffic
  • Best customer experience
  • flexibility
  • professionalism
  • individuality

More Information:
Mail to:
Visit –